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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

22 year-old Heiress bough $150 Million Mansion

My dream house is one that would make me comfortable and would be an ideal place for relaxing, parties and social gatherings. But you know what Petra Ecclestone has also the same dream with mine but hers is more extravagant. She just bought a $150 million mansion previuosly owned by the Spellings.

The house, I mean the mansion has 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, giftwrapping room, bowling alley, beauty salon and a parking space for 100 cars.

Ain't that a dream house? [more like dream mall]

Chris Evans treats a journalist as VIP

Do you know Captain America? He's hot, hunky and a dream-come-true to every girls out there, and so is Chris Evans who is now wearing the costume of Captain America.

What's hotter is that Chris has given a very special treatment to  journalist Edith Zimmerman. They went to a party at Wets Hollywood hotspot Voyeur. They had a great time together and Zimmerman left his hous at 5:30 in the morning. Well it's up for you to decide if whether she interviewed him all night or whatever it is on your mind.

How I would also be able to interview Chris.[lolz]

The Pantless Jennifer Aniston

Are you one of those person who wished that Jennifer Aniston would wear something different? Well your wish has been granted.

Aniston is the cover for the July issue of Marie Claire magazine wherein she wears only a hot tux leaving her pants and bra behind.

Isn't that hot?

Eva Longoria now a godmother

Whenever one gets to have a baby, after giving a name to the child, the next thing the mother worries would be " Who will be the godmother of this child?"

Well, Victoria Becham has fixed that for her child. She asked Eva Longoria to be the godmother of her child. It seems that Longoria is upgrading her status on the Hollywood society by being a godmother to the child of one of the superb couples in hollywood.

"I'm happy and single"- Olivia Wilde

Alone, empty, insecure and sad, these are the usual things felt by a person who is heartbroken and is being left out. But there is an excemption to that, that is Olivia Wilde.

Wilde despite being divorced said that she is happy and single. She was linked to Justin timberlake and Bradley cooper but she is not etttling with either of the two because as she says "I'm happy and single".

Justin Bieber Mastering PDA

Can Justin Bieber be still considered a a child star icon?

I don't think so. Eversince JB had a girlfriend he began acting like an adult with no boundaries. He and Selena is always caught doing PDA. I could still remember when I watch a TV show featuring him, his mother said "Justin told me that he will still respect girls." The question is is JB showing that respect? JB is now very fond of PDA, this must be stopped, many kids and very young children adore him, so if he keeps doing this, the teens of today may also have the gust to follow what JB is doing.