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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gap to Shut Down 200 Stores Worldwide

 THE INDEPENDENT - GAP is going to shut down 200 stores worldwide.  

Glen Murphy, Chairman and CEO of Gap announced that Gap is going to close 200 out of 900 stores worldwide by 2013, and they will focus more on modernizing their signature look!

"We focused on the denim collection 18 months ago," said Gap's head of global PR, Anita Borzyszkowska, "improving the fabric, fit and details with the aim of making jeans priced around £40 comparable to jeans that might cost £200." Other recent directives have included a "black pants" capsule and a "perfect trouser" collection. "Gap is most successful when it finds its place within the season's trends," added Borzyszkowska. "The flare and the wide-leg pants are good examples. They are the sort of pieces that could appeal regardless of how closely you follow trends."

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