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Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 10 Female Fashion Icons of Today

1. Tyra Banks
Who would not consider Tyra an Icon in the Fashion world? She is just the one who had a model search that has already undergone 16 cycles and still counting.

2. Heidi Klum
Are you in or are you out? Heidi's definitely IN, she is the top 2 fashion icon in the industry. She modeled for Victoria's Secret and hosted Project Runway, a show that searches for the next tp designer in hollywood.

3. Rhianna
She is not just a singer, but an icon of fashion as well. Rhianna's taste for clothing is exquisite and she even has a line of fragrances. Now ain't that fashionble?

4. Sarah Jessica Parker
Shoes!shoes!shoes! Well that's Jesscica's trademark in the fashoen universe! She has a huge collection of gorgoues shoes, and her taste is just amazing.

5. Victoria Beckham
The former spice girl is really into fashion. She always pick the best wardrobe to wear and the precise perfume to put on! Aside from being the wife of a hot soccer player, she is also popular in her own rght.

6. Beyonce
Records! Incomes and clothes these are the things that Beyoce has that made her one of the top ten fashion icons of today!

7. Megan Fox
She is sexy, seductive and wear good clothes. She does not have to do much to be gorgeous. She is a natural beauty.

8. Anne Hathaway
Well, she is just simply amazing. With her glowing skinand perfect smile, and her siple yet sophisticated taste is a quality of a fshion icon that she has in her.

9.Reese Witherspoon
Being the AVON endorser and advocate for women is the best thing she has done for her to be an icon of fashion. She also has great taste when it comes to wardrobes and shoes.

10. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga may have an odd fashion sense but at least she has an original concept. She is unique!

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