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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bell Bottoms and Flared Jeans : The Big Comeback

So many questions are asked in the fashion world. One of which is this:” Are flares and bell bottoms back in?”

The only answer is Y-E-S! This summer is the return of the flared jeans and bell bottoms in the fashion industry! They’re like phoenix being resurrected. If you ask why must it come back then here’s the answer to that : everyone got bored of skinny jeans that they want an alternative and the best choice they have is bell bottoms and flared jeans! After all it’s nice looking back at the past! This is a re-rise of the 1970’s fashion!

This bell bottom and flared jeans thing is an “in” thing for both sexes.  When one hears these trends they instantly imagine a jeans whose hem is wider then your foot is long – but this is not the appropriate style for men! But rather it is a portrait of a pair of jeans  or trousers slightly wider than a boot cut, with the hemlines redefined.


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