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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Men's suits

Men are said to be simple, in fact their fashion trend move slower! This 2011, distinct suits are featured on the spring collection.
These suits have variety of cuts that would suit one’s personality.

Single breasted suit. They are known to be the default style of the suit for men [meaning they never became outdated]

The sleek cut. This is one of the dominant suit this season. This preserves masculinity which men try to keep.

The Confidence Cut. This style is for the young people who wants to project decent yet in style.

Double breasted suits and sportscoats.  If there's one cut that I'm glad I've been able to return to my wardrobe it's the modern, double-breasted suit. Those of you who recall the last time that double breasted suits and sports coats were in fashion may remember the boxy cut it inevitably came with.

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