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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stripes is in! Navy stripes it is!

In 2011, it's the classic navy and white colour palette, worn as dominant stripes.

Note that I didn't say bold stripes, but dominant stripes. While navy and white stripes are a must for the look (though black and white can also work in 2011), the real key to Summer's take on nautical stripes is that they dominate the outfit. While they do so in the below look easily (though the plum Doc Martens still seem somewhat heavy), in other outfits it's about drawing attention to the stripes above all else in the outfit.

Stripes is in! Yes that’s true! But however they are not bold stripes but dominant stripes! The must have stripes are those in navy and white (but black and white is also an option). The real key to this “is that nautical stripes dominate the outfit”

Stripes can work not only with clothes  but also with accessories, like hats, purse and the like (but please don’t wear them at the same time or else you’ll end up like a zebra in the zoo)
A stripe top can also be worn with a bell bottom jeans to project a more authentic sailor look!

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