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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crochet and Macrame in Fashion!

If you think crochets are just for gifts from a granny and macramé are used as rope for a ship, well think again! It is now “in” for spring 2011! With proper accessories on it, it will surely look fab! Both crochet and macrame in 2011 rode in, partially, on the wave of a 1970s revival. This was reflected in the colour palette dominating the spring / summer 2011 runways: earthy tones, browns and oranges, creams and whites. Pieces are based on hippy, festival chic inspirations, but overall the aesthetic is still luxurious with a modern sense of refinement.
Accessorize it and it will show what glamour means. Woven shoes (like those at Prada and Gucci) are perfectly now; and even more perfectly in line with the look are the intricate sandals seen at the likes of Jen Kao and Malandrino.. And to add here’s a tip on how to accesorise it:
·        Look for pieces the end in exaggerated fringing, a la Roberto Cavalli (pictured above) for a high-impact boho luxe look.
·        Pair a crochet top or vest with an updated pair of bell bottoms and a floppy felt hat for a look that's straight out of the '70s yet oh-so-now.
·        Many a crochet bikini is available, though perhaps not the most practical garment for swimming they can work brilliantly poolside or under a pair of denim shorts in Summer.
·        Bring the tribal trend of previous seasons into 2011 with macrame pieces in earthy colours paired with tribal prints.
·        Go ultra modern and sexy with a stark, minimalist take like Julien MacDonald's white mini-hemmed crochet dress .

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