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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Capri Pants on 2011

Capri pant is the best alternative this 2011 for those who are into skinny jeans and bell bottoms pants.  This p[ants are slim cut yet not so skin tight. The good things about these is that you can wear these with flats!

There are several different cuts to the capri pant in 2011:
·                                 Pants that are cropped only ever so slightly, to sit just above the ankle.
·                                 More traditional capri pants cut three-quarter, though in 2011 we're seeing more cut just below the calf than ones that are mid-calf.
·                                 Slim-cut pants that are rolled up to sit above the ankle (a great alternative if you want to give a fresh take to some of your skinnies rather than invest in specifically cropped pairs).

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